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What is Google Duplex? | GMedia Digital Marketing in Dallas, TX

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

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You’ve likely heard of Google Assistant, and have probably used it, too -- but have you heard of Google Duplex? Google Duplex is a Google Assistant feature and an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that can place and carry out calls on your behalf, with a virtually (pun intended!) undetectable human-sounding voice and language.

What is Google Duplex?

First introduced at the Google I/O developers conference in May 2018, Duplex uses natural language, verbal quirks and hesitations, complex speech and more to carry on remarkably natural sounding, 2-way conversations with a real person.

In fact, Duplex’s voice interface is so eerily realistic that it has been criticized for creating an “uncanny valley” experience and deliberately deceiving humans into believing they are speaking to another human rather than with an AI. In response, Google has built in a disclosure feature to inform those on the line that the call is with Google Assistant.

Watch for a demonstration of a typical Google Duplex phone call and how it is experienced, on both the user’s and call recipient’s ends.

What Can Duplex Do?

Google Duplex can currently make restaurant reservations for the user. After the reservation is made, Assistant sends you a notification on your phone, sets a calendar appointment, and sends you an email confirmation. Duplex can also cancel your restaurant reservations for you.

According to Google Duplex’ support site, Duplex will also be able to perform more tasks such as booking appointments and calling to check business information. Google does allow businesses to opt out of these calls, so Duplex will not work at all businesses.

Where Is Duplex Available to Use, and With What Devices?

Though Duplex was initially only available on the Google Pixel and in very limited areas of the country (metropolitan Atlanta, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco), the company has recently announced that Duplex use will be expanded to 43 states. Duplex will also be available on Android devices running version 5.0 or newer and iPhones with Google Assistant installed. Duplex is currently only available in English and in the U.S.


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