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Updated: Feb 2

If you were to ask a 65 year old to find a specific type of business, chances are they’d ask around for a referral or even turn to a physical directory like the yellow pages. If you were to ask someone aged 50 or younger, it’s nearly a guarantee that they’d just Google it. Intelligent search services have drastically changed people’s search habits over the past couple decades, and is only becoming more complex as technology advances. Keeping up is essential for the success of any business today, as customers and companies alike have an increasing demand for the most accurate and up-to-date data across multiple platforms. The solution? A new role: the Digital Knowledge Manager.

What exactly is Digital Knowledge Management?

To understand how Digital Knowledge Management works, let’s backtrack a bit to how intelligent search services work (encompassing everything from Google to Facebook to voice assistants like Google Assistant/Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc.). There are three major components to all intelligent search services:

1. The AI (Artifical Intelligence: the technology that decides what answers to return)

2. The UI (User Interface: how users interact with the service)

3. The Knowledge (Public facts and data about your business)

Of those three components, the only one that businesses can control is the knowledge that both the AI and UI interacts with. This ranges from basic data - like your company's name, address, hours and phone number, to the more detailed - such as doctor’s credentials for healthcare providers, the specific services and specialties your business provides, promotions and offers, and other unique attributes.

Failing to manage this data properly results in missed opportunities and potential confusion that consumers and search engines both have to untangle, often with muddled results and a less than favorable impression about the business. There are hundreds of ways people can search for information online today - think of all the review platforms, apps, social media outlets, smart speakers, websites and search engines you interact with over the course of a single week.

To avoid missed opportunities and potential consumer confusion and frustration, active digital knowledge management is key. In order for search services' AI to consistently return correct and relevant information about your company that users are searching for, your company's digital knowledge needs to exist completely, thoroughly and accurately across hundreds of different places across the web, not just on your website. Digital Knowledge Management not only improves consumer experience, it also increases and optimizes the amount of high quality and structured data about your brand across the internet, which in turn improves your business’s appearance and ranking in search engines.

People are searching for information about businesses and services like yours every single day, through many different outlets. Digital Knowledge Management is a new but essential category that businesses today must consider in order to stay visible, competitive, and convenient to your consumers.

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