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How Do Google Ads Work?

Now that you know what Google Ads are and the kinds of campaigns available, you may be wondering how they work.

First, when a company embarks on a Google Ads campaign, they have to outline which of the following three goals they’re aiming to achieve:

  • Increasing calls to business

  • Directing more visitors to your store

  • Guiding people to your website or landing page

Secondly, the company will have to determine whether the ad copy will be delivered globally or to select local audiences. The next step is to tell Google what makes this business unique by providing Google with images or three short sentences. From these sentences, Google will help to create the ad copy.

Finally, you will set your budget which Google will use to predict the campaign’s success, and then it’ll go live! With enough time and testing, and as more people click on the PPC campaign ads, your business will come closer to fulfilling its preset budget.

Not only will you reach your budget, but the more clicks your PPC campaign receives, your search result rank will also increase, getting you closer to that top search spot on Google.


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