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Updated: Feb 17

Video content has emerged as arguably one of the most powerful modes of online marketing recently, and experts predict it will only continue to gain in popularity and strength. We’ve talked about 6 easy video content ideas that you can try to kick start your video marketing campaign; they are great “starter” videos that generally require very little or no advanced preparation.

Ready to try something a bit more involved? The following ideas are also fantastic for drawing in viewers and engagement to your social media platforms, but do typically require a bit more preparation than the 6 types of video content we wrote about previously. You may need to come up with a short script, do a practice run through or prepare props, but the increases to your social media platform’s viewer engagement and traffic are well worth the bit of extra work!


Host a question-and-answer session of the most commonly asked questions that you receive from your clients and followers. Or, prompt your followers to submit random questions and go through them one by one, screening them for appropriateness first. Q&A videos are a simple and straightforward way to engage already-interested potential customers and reinforce the trust and loyalty of your current customers.

Seasonal Videos

Adding video content attached to a specific time of the year is a fantastic way to be relevant with your viewers. Create and promote a holiday-themed event or special offer. Record video of a seasonal team activity or outing, such as a visit to a nearby pumpkin patch or apple orchard, a team pumpkin decorating session, holiday party, or a time-lapse of decorating your space for the season. Branch out and record content for national days that are popular on social media as well, like National Pet Day (April 11th) or Selfie Day (June 21st). Take note of trending hashtags for your chosen holidays and make sure to include them when you post your videos.

Popular Parodies

Remember when the Ice Bucket Challenge, Harlem Shake and Mannequin Challenges went viral and absolutely everyone was posting their own recreations of them? It’s easy - and very fun - to get swept up in parody videos. Do your own recreation of a currently popular and fun viral video phenomenon. Be sure to tag it with the related hashtags along with your company’s name!

Educational Videos

Teach your viewers about a particular service you provide in an educational and “non-salesy” video. For example, if you are a dental practice owner, create educational videos about dental common treatments or equipment, such as “All About Dental Crowns” or “How a Dental CT Scan Works.” Do people frequently use a product the wrong way? Show a step by step demonstration of both the incorrect and the correct way to use the product. This type of video may require the most preparation, since you want to be very clear, accurate and concise with the information you are sharing. Educational videos help create trust in your viewers, because you are providing them with useful and unbiased information.

Tell A Story

People love being entertained by a good story, and chances are you’ve come across and lived quite a few interesting ones yourself in building and running your business. Share uplifting stories, such as a particularly heartwarming or funny experience with another coworker or client; tell the story behind a favorite object or piece of decoration in your store; talk about your company philosophy and culture and how it was developed. Keep your stories positive and clean! This is a chance to show the human side of you and your team, and to connect on a more personal level with your customers.

Say Thank You

If you’ve hosted an event recently, seen a marked increase in new customers or sales, or made it to an important milestone, express your gratitude to your customers and those who supported you in a heartfelt video! You may want to include a brief round up of the moments that led to your accomplishment, such as a “year in review” video with a slideshow of in-store photos and video clips of holidays, events, celebrations, and other notable moments. “Thank you” videos are a great way to highlight your company’s successes and popularity to newcomers while expressing appreciation for your current customers.

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