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Updated: Feb 17

Lost a significant chunk of time on YouTube or other video platforms lately? Video is easily digestible, instantly stimulating, highly entertaining, and a very valuable form of social media marketing. YouTube, Instagram stories, Facebook and Twitter videos and more -- video marketing drives your online traffic by increasing view counts, time spent on your page, post engagements and followers.

We know it can be tough to constantly come up with new and interesting ideas, but fortunately we’ve done the legwork for you. Check out these tried and true original video marketing content ideas!


Make a special announcement that will grab your audience’s attention and interest! Share a new feature, introduce a new special or promotion, announce a special event. Keep your audience up-to-date with and interested in your developments!


Interviewing your best customers and turning that footage into a short but glowing review of your business is a fantastic way to foster trust from both your current and potential customers.

Virtual Tour

People like familiar things, and a virtual tour of your office or facilities is a great way to introduce and familiarize potential customers to the look and feel of your company. Show off your brick-and-mortar business in a walk-through of the areas your customers will likely see when they visit in person!

Meet the Team

In line with a virtual tour, a “Meet [Team Member]!” video is a great way to give a face to the names your customers may interact with. Ask your team member to introduce themselves and share a couple small details, such as their role in your company and what they like about their job.


People love seeing the “real” life and actions behind the scenes of a party of interest, and that includes your company! Take short videos of in-office birthday celebrations, work outings, lighthearted pranks and jokes between staff (if that’s part of your company culture), and “this is how we ____”


How-to videos are great because they provide value to your viewers while also showing off your expertise in a specific skill or product.

Posting original content is key to your social media marketing strategies, and video is perhaps the most valuable type of social media content. There are so many more kinds of original video content you can create and share online, and we hope this list was enough to get you off to a strong start!

Need help creating, editing and publishing your videos? Contact us for professionally made, attractive and engaging videos that will help grow your follower count and traffic!

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