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Updated: Feb 2

If you are a small business owner, chances are you’ve been told that you should use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of your marketing plan. Though the landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing as technology and user trends evolve, SEO remains an effective and very important marketing strategy. Take a look at the top benefits of SEO for small businesses!

Increases Organic Traffic | Your business is more visible and easily discoverable

Increasing your web traffic is of course the main and original point of SEO. Top rankings in search engine results receive the majority of impressions and clicks, which means increased organic traffic for your website. Simply put, visibility means traffic, traffic means leads, and leads mean sales. Your website is your only sales agent that is active 24/7, and should constantly be working to deliver more consumers to you. SEO drastically increases the capability and effectivity of your website to do so.

Enhances User Experience | Increase your credibility and trustworthiness

Proper optimization strategies mean not only better rankings, but also better user experience. SEO should include elements such as: well structured and clean web designs; quick loading, mobile friendly designs; high quality and highly relevant content that helps your users find exactly what they’re looking for on your site. These are all qualities that help increase page views and time on site and decrease bounce rates, and also keep your site visitors engaged and happy. Users who have good experiences with your business are more likely to remember and trust your brand, thereby increasing brand loyalty as well as your business’ reputation and credibility.

Helps You Stand Out | Build brand identity and set yourself apart from competitors

When your site appears on the first page of Google, potential customers are more likely to trust your business and brand over others that don’t have a strong online presence. Consider the example of two businesses in the same industry, selling similar products and services at similar prices. One has an optimized website, the other does not. Which company is likely to attract more website visitors, grow faster, and be more successful? More and more companies are investing in SEO, and it’s important not to fall behind. Proper SEO analysis will also help you evaluate your competitors’ strategies and develop ways to strengthen your own.

ROI & Cost Savings | Cost effective way of generating revenue

SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results, so your SEO company can track nearly every aspect of their strategy, such as rankings, traffic, conversions and demographics. And while SEO typically takes 6-12 months to see optimal results, you are investing in long term and permanent results with little need for maintenance other than to track ranking and monitoring. SEO also targets users who are actively searching for services and products like yours, which means that it is more cost effective than outbound marketing strategies (broadcasting to a mass audience in hopes of attracting a small percentage), such as paid traditional media advertising and pay-per-click. Traffic from SEO is more qualified than many other paid marketing strategies, which means higher conversions and more cost savings.

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