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ZEN-PX2 / PortView


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Portable Dental X-Ray System

Technical Specification & Demension

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  • Compact Design - Camera type ZEN-PX2 offers convenient diagnosis with its portable ability and compact design. ZEN-PX2 also offers large battery capacity capable of over 200 exams on single charge.

  • Graphic LCD - Large LCD display lets you monitor the process and setting.

  • Grip Tie - Adjust length of this comfortable tie to fit your hand & be completely moblie.

  • Operation Panel - X-ray operation have easier with easy to understand push button & optimized pre-setting.

Main Unit

- Camera type X-Ray Device

- Backscatter shields

- High voltage battery & tripod


- Power adapter

- Neck strap

- 6+ft Remote control,Manual

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Intra-oral Dental Digital Sensor

High Resolution

Automatic electronic gain control = compatible with your X-Ray


Vertical bitewings: robust & comfortable design


Sealed cord: protected against fluids

Technical Specification & Demension

ZEN-PX2 (4).jpg

For questions or to place an order,

email or call 972-882-9200

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