Web Design & SEO

With the world shifting to digital media, your website essentially serves as an online extension and digital representation of your practice. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the optimization of your website to increase its ranking in search engines like Google, so that your site can continuously generate organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Statistics


of people will not make a purchase if they are dealing  with an unsecured website


of marketers say improving SEO  is their top inbound  marketing priority

ONLY 22%

of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate



A well-planned and designed website can help your practice stand out among others. GMedia specializes in designing custom, fully optimized and beautiful websites that will:

  • Showcase your services—Customers want to know what you have to offer before they commit to your practice. Your website will be designed to give prospective patients an insight into what services you have to offer, such as crowns, implants, teeth whitening, etc.

  • Build credibility and brand identity with high quality and useful information, photos, testimonials, blog posts and more.

  • Improve customer engagement with clear and up-to-date information and contact forms as well as integrated social media channels.

  • Have full mobile optimization—Mobile devices have transformed the way potential patients research healthcare providers, and optimizing your website for mobile helps ensure your information is available to those looking for it. In addition, Google shows favor to websites that also work well on mobile platforms.


Patients perform two main types of online searches:

  • Unbranded Search: The patient is looking to find general information about a condition or symptom, as well as nearby facilities and relevant care.

  • Branded Search: The patient is looking for a specific facility, practices, or physician—with the intention to call, visit, or learn more about their services and quality of care.

Our website designs provide direct and accurate access for both types of searches by including:

  • Facility and physician locators: Aid patient discovery of facilities and physicians with the services, skills and coverage needed to serve their needs

  • Facility and physician listings: Contain accurate address information to capture more patient search traffic and provide accurate online directions

  • Facility and physician profile information: Attract more patient search traffic and inform patients and prospective patients why they should select your organization for care).​

Is your current website ready for Voice Assistant & Search?

Your website has always been the public home for your brand. But what customers expect to find has made serving the facts about your brand more and more complex. Consumers no longer want to go to your homepage and navigate from there. They start by searching or asking a voice assistant a question. And expect your brand’s website can provide a rich, specific answer. That’s why AI-ready pages for each of your advisors, events, restaurants, menus and locations are so important. 

Regardless of what they are searching for - consistent, fast-loading, properly marked-up pages improve your listings presence across AI-driven discovery services like search, maps, and voice assistants. And a good-design is essential if you want your visitors to easily navigate your landing page — and take action to become customers.

K Family Dentisty_Website Design by GMed

5 Benefits of SEO for SMALL BUSINESSES

SEO: Search engine optimization

  • Increase in Visitors: SEO helps your website and business become easily discoverable to your audience, increasing traffic

  • User Experience & Recognition: SEO helps deliver a positive and useful experience to your users; it also helps open your business globally

  • Establish Identity: SEO helps you differentiate your business from your competitors; it gives you a unique identity of your own

  • Helps Build & Establish Trust: Successful SEO will help your business become credible and trustworthy; users also trust Google's protocols

  • Cost Effective: For the kind of returns received, SEO is a cost-effective way of generating revenue and establishing credibility

GMedia Dallas Dental Marketing & Web Design can help you better manage your digital knowledge and attract more patients.